Kitchen and Bath Designer

Add Some Sizzle with Our Kitchen and Bath Designer

If you are planning a custom renovation for your kitchen or bath, get the job moving with Vertices Interior Design. While we are best known as one of the premier interior designers in Portland, we also know how to take your kitchen reno to the next level. Our design team begin by virtually wiping the slate clean by creating a blank floor plan based on the configuration of your home, and then create a detailed drawing featuring custom flooring, cabinets, high-end appliances, and finishing details. Before you begin demolition, we will have a complete plan in place to deliver the bath or kitchen of your dreams.

Pamper Yourself in a Private Spa or Chef's Kitchen

At the design stage, there is literally no limit to what you can add to the final plans. We are an experienced kitchen and bath designer that understands that the space needs to provide for physical movement while including a spot for all your things. Add a walk-in shower with multiple rain shower heads, pulsing jets, and even ambient lighting. Select a countertop with the colors and graining you that you have always wanted. We will put it all on paper, source the materials, and deliver a real-world plan to make it happen.

Hire Local with an Interior Designer from Portland

When you are regularly disappointed by the selection of cabinets or floor plans offered at your home improvement center, expand your vision and hire a local interior designer with an expansive background. We will source materials from multiple suppliers to create the exact space you deserve. Our custom kitchen and bath designs stand apart from the other homes on the street, giving you an oasis that is both unique and hardworking.

Click or call to schedule your first consultation with Vertices Interior Design today. We will discuss your needs, desires, and personal sense of style and create a plan of action to deliver a bath or kitchen remodel worthy of your heart.