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[ Vertices ] : Plural noun for vertex

You might be wondering what is "Vertices"? That is a good question!

Vertices is the plural word for a vertex. Design is an art form and there's so much that goes into the process than you might not initially realize. A truly talented designer sees everything in a space as a form... a chair, a light fixture, a desk... they are all 3-dimensional forms that together create the story of the design. The story of the design is what makes your space so unique and fitting to you and it's what makes it seem so undeniably beautiful! 

All forms have planes, edges and corners where those edges and planes connect. That connection is known as a vertex (like you see in the image above). When there are multiple, we call them vertices. And that's why it felt so fitting to name the company Vertices Interior Design- because everything that goes into your space to make it as beautiful as it is- or will be, is an art "form", thoughtfully placed and designed. 

Sarah is an Interior designer, born and raised in Bend, OR. Sarah received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. During her time at the university, Sarah held roles such as IAD Club president and a student member on board meetings to assist in the accreditation process. She became an exemplar for visual expectations to other departments such as AAU's architectural department. Sarah also has her first competition win installed in a marketing firm in downtown San Francisco's HQ office. 

After graduating from AAU and working in an Architecture firm in her home town, Sarah moved to Portland to continue commercial design and explore new work as an Instructor of Interior Design Fundamentals on campus at a local private college. She found that teaching and helping others realize their potential was something she really enjoyed. Helping others learn and watching their growth was an invaluable experience she will keep close to her heart. 

While teaching, Sarah also worked full-time for a commercial interior design firm who focused mostly on multi-family housing. There, the design process was strongly structured around Sketchup. Her experience with 3-D modeling and rendering in Sketchup became a strong and valuable skill she continues to use today. 

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Vida Design, located in Portland, OR., specializes in custom multi-family interior design. Occasionally working on other project types such as hospitality and restaurants. 

Their design process starts with conceptually developing concepts through SketchUp, Pinterest and InDesign. Once concepts are approved by clients, the designs are polished off using SketchUp and rendered using extensions to create a realistic look. Many times, walk-through videos are created to enhance the presentation to the client- Videos like you see at the top of this page. 

In this portfolio from Vida Design, you will see work that Sarah has modeled herself in SketchUp. Many of  the design concepts you see are team efforts, although there are a few concepts lead by Sarah before polishing them off as a team to present to the client.



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Teaching at Heritage School of Interior Design was a real treat for Sarah. This was an evening position in addition to her day job, that she found very rewarding and fun. It was a pleasure for Sarah to help students graduate- earning their certificates in Interior Design. 

Sarah always enjoyed seeing the students creative ideas come to life and to help them think outside the box, furthering their creative ideas and skill sets.

In this three month course, students learned all the basics of Interior Design, so that they could be a professional entrepreneur in the field of Interior Design.  



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Starting out as an intern at Steele Associates Architects while finishing school online, Sarah dove right into the world of professional Architecture and Design. Here, Sarah learned to use AutoCAD and how to compile architectural drawings sets. 

Her knowledge of architectural detailing grew immensely and she began to understand the principles of commercial building and the work that's needed to complete a new build from start to finish.

Along with her experience in Architectural drafting, she was the office's lead Interior Designer. Sarah made furniture and finish selections for each project, and as a team- finalized the interior selections. 

AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUp were often used to help during the conceptual phases and to finalize client presentations. 




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Sarah always enjoys art on her own time. She's always exploring new styles and techniques. Here are a few of Sarah's personal projects. Many are by hand, while others are mixed media compositions and renderings using SketchUp extensions. 



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Sarah entered a design competition while in School in San Francisco. After being selected as the winner, she was tasked with creating her design concept herself with a set budget and timeline.


Here you will see images of the process, where she and her colleagues hand made the design and installed each element to completion. 

The installation still stands in the office's headquarters in downtown San Francisco today. 



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Sarah graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design. 

Displayed here is her portfolio, which shows some of her best work while in school. She enjoyed creating designs that had abstract and challenging concepts that pushed her to think creativity and showcased her originality. 

All renderings in Sarah's portfolio were created using 3DSMax and minor editing in Photoshop. Design layouts were created using InDesign.



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The First Tee is a youth development organization, who reached out to the Academy of Art University for designers who were capable of designing them their first ever shipping container classroom in the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco. 


Sarah was selected as one of three students to participate in the design project. All materials, design decisions and installations were done by the student team. 


In the end, the students of the First Tee as well as the client, were ecstatic to have a brand new learning environment for years to come.

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Bend, Oregon


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